Lombaxes: gotta love 'em!

Drawing barbed wire in college >.>

Drawing barbed wire in college >.>



We all have that one person who helps keep us grounded.

mine even has that same hair

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Dunno why but my college work always links to GVE…

In college right now >.>

A Crack in Time glitches with Clank!


Hello planet Morklon!

Hello water!

Hello platform with mysterious bolt crate!

Hello Qwark and snowball!

Hello, Hallow!

Hello blank platform!

Hello Monoloth City!

Hello end of level!

Hello high-rise area!

Hello place where Alistar goes on (in this case I AM Alistar!)

Hello bottom of Krell Canyon!

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I’m now comfirming that there is only two chapters left of ‘Good VS Evil’ ;)

Just a few more paragraphs and then GVE chapter 28 is finally done! OuO

About half way done with finishing GVE chapter 28! :D

At last! You guys should be seeing the chapter later today or tomorrow morning. :3

Finally got all of the notes done for GVE chapter 28. Hopefully I can get it all written up over the weekend. Hopefully.